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med-translations Kopfgrafik
med-translations Kopfgrafik
med-translations Kopfgrafik

Mission statement

Client satisfaction is our primary goal which we strive to meet and, where possible, exceed on every project.
We respect and foster our clients' trust – it is our greatest asset.

Projects are completed with the utmost care. We listen attentively to our clients and take the time to carefully analyse projects. In doing so, we individually address our clients' needs and wishes and plan and perform the translations accordingly.

Our quality management manual supports us with the aid of transparent and standardised approaches and offers additional quality assurance.

We want to establish ourselves among our clients as THE competent partner when it comes to specialist translations. When a translation is needed, the client should think of us first, come back to us again and again, and recommend us to others.

We take pleasure in our profession and enjoy working as a team.

We have the ambition needed to continuously grow professionally and improve our in-house processes.